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Onward! 2018
Wed 7 - Thu 8 November 2018 Boston, Massachusetts, United States
co-located with SPLASH 2018
Thu 8 Nov 2018 11:00 - 11:30 at The Loft - Data Structures Chair(s): Stefan Marr

Live programming is activity in which the programmer edits code while observing the result of the program. It has been exercised mainly for pedagogical and artistic purposes, where outputs of a program are not straightforwardly imagined. Most live programming environments so far target programs that explicitly generate visual or acoustic outputs. We believe that live programming is useful for data structure programming, where the programmer often has a hard time to grasp a behavior of programs. However, it is not clear what features a live programming environment should provide for such kind of programs. In this paper, we present a design of live programming environment for data structure programming, identified the problems of synchronization and mental map preservation, and proposed solutions based on a calling-context sensitive identification technique. We implemented a live programming environment called Kanon, and carried out a qualitative user experiment with 13 programmers.

Thu 8 Nov

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10:30 - 12:00
Data StructuresOnward! Papers at The Loft
Chair(s): Stefan Marr University of Kent
Cflat: A New Modular Approach to Implementing Efficient and Tunable Collections
Onward! Papers
Stephan Brandauer Uppsala University, Elias Castegren Uppsala University, Tobias Wrigstad Uppsala University
Live, Synchronized, and Mental Map Preserving Visualization for Data Structure Programming
Onward! Papers
Akio Oka Tokyo Institute of Technology, Hidehiko Masuhara Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tomoyuki Aotani Tokyo Institute of Technology